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You are here because your supplement has referred you to inform you on the ingredients or instructions for usage.  Find the item you are researching below.  If you have any further questions regarding your query, please contact jeff at

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Healing Salve Ingredients

inspired from the famous "hit medicines" (dit dat jiao)

of the monks and gongfu masters of the shao lin temple

a handmade salve from local & imported ingredients

containing:  ru xiang (frankinsense), mo yao (myhrr)

tao ren (peach pit), hong hua (safflower)

qiang huo (notopterygii), du huo (angelica)

sang ji sheng (mistletoe), chuan xiong (ligusticum)

du zhong (eucommia bark), xu duan (dipsacus)

gui zhi / rou gui (cinnamon twig and bark)

sheng jiang / ganjiang (ginger)

in a extraction bath of coconut oil, apricot kernal oil, safflower oil, vitamin E and set with NZ beeswax

Use Of Salve

Use less than you think you should                      

                                   ... more often than you want !

Less is more, more often is more !

MSM Usage


(No fillers, No additives)

The therapeutic dosage for MSM is at least

2 tablespoons twice daily

for a minimum of 3 weeks

After completing the therapeutic dosage, and achieving the desired result, reduction to a maintenance dosage is indicated

maintenance dosage is 1 teaspoon

daily or 2-3 times per week, as required

MSM to heal tendon and ligament injury
best relief for aging, cardiac and respiratory disease natural effective angina

Strophanthus Usage

Full instruction on usage of strophanthus is located here

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