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best massage therapist in oakura okato

Sophie Anderson
Massage Therapist


Kia Ora whanau, I have recently moved to Taranaki from Muriwai Beach and I am loving the wildness, raw beauty and power of nature here! I am looking forward to connecting with more locals here and assisting in the flow of the healing journey. I feel passionate about deep well-being, grounding, peace and release.

    My Story

    I have always been inspired by the caring nature, wisdom and warm hands of my grandmother who connected us with Reiki and her healing touch. I went on to study Reiki 1 and 2 and completed my massage therapy training at Wellpark College in 2017. I have also followed my passion and calling to study Rongoa, maori herbal medicine, and have been working with the first light flower essences for many years also.


    With a background in conservation and ecology, and bachelor degree in that field, I have always been passionate about the deep connection between nature and humans and how necessary it is for wellness and healing, and I endeavor to bring this through in my massage treatments.

    I have also been an athlete and ultra-marathon runner for many years and so I understand the body and muscles very well. Massage was so important to help me continue this career!  I feel it is an essential ingredient for health, wellbeing and vitality for all people. I also feel that healthy human touch and connection is such a deeply integral healing flow for us and is so important in our community and society.

    I offer a deep flow, relaxation and grounding treatment session, individually created. Using natural balms, in a beautiful and warm space, incorporating calm music and scent. I endeavor to bring thru the healing flow of mother earth, stability and safety, and the warmth of my own heart.

    To make a booking for a 60 or 90 minute therapeutic massage treatment with me

    click on the link below. and choose the massage option in Ōkato 



    Let's connect, looking forward to hearing from you. 

    Facebook: Aumora.wellbing

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